CVAS has about 20 members.  We have  members who have been involved in astronomy for many years while others are just starting out in this interesting and fun hobby.

The club has many activities to educate all of its members so they can learn the night sky and enjoy the many objects that can be observed in our solar system and well as deep space.  We have  monthly meetings in the fall and winter and sky observing sessions where members bring their telescopes.  The Club has a loaner telescope for members who do not have a telescope.  The club publishes a monthly newsletter full of interesting information about astronomy and what to see each month.  We encourage all members advanced and novices to join us in our public and private star parties where you can learn the night sky and how to better use your telescope.

Becoming a member of CVAS is easy.   Dues are only $20 a year beginning in September.

If you are a member at the present time and your membership is about to expire you can renew your membership by filling our the application below in pdf and sending the form with you check to the CVAS Treasurer.

CVAS Constitution

CVAS Membership/Renewal Form

CVAS Astronomy Libary List

CVAS Member Handbook

CVAS Loaner Telescope