CVAS members can choose from a number of observing programs:

CVAS Astro Imaging Log

Use this log while image with a ccd or DSLR camera.  This log can be used for visual observing as well.

The Astronomical League has a long list of observing programs the keep amateur astronomers busy for
many years.   We are including a number of these program  lists.

Arp Peculiar Galaxy Program by constellation

Asterism Program

Binocular Double Star Observing

Binocular Messier Observing

Carbon Star Observing

Caldwell Observing

Double Star List

Herschel 400 by constellation

Lunar II Observing

Planetary Nebula Standard list

Messier Marathon List

Messier Sky Chart WInter

Messier Sky Chart Spring

Messier Sky Chart Summer

Messier Sky Chart Fall

East Valley Astronomy Club Globular Cluster Observing program

East Valley Astronomy Club Galaxies Observing Program

650 Selected Deep Sky Objects by constellation

Other Observing Challenges

Hickson 100 Catalog

Sky and Telescope Hickson Compact Galaxy Group

In The Hickson Compact Group if Galaxies

In The  Abell Catalog of Rich Galaxy Clusters

In The   Arps Catalog of Pecular Galaxies

In The   NGC Catalog

In The   IC Catalog

In The  Markarian Galaxies

Michael Vlasov Deep Sky Observing Guides pdf

Astronomy Mall   Abell Planetary Catalog

Astronomy Mall  Catalogs, lists, and links

Scott  Harrington  250+ Deep Sky Objects Visible with Binoculars and naked eye