CVAS members can choose from a number of observing programs:

CVAS Astro Imaging Log

Use this log while image with a ccd or DSLR camera.  This log can be used for visual observing as well.

Abel Galaxies

Binocular Messier

CVAS 100

Double Star List

Herschel 400 list

Hickson 100 List

The Hickson Compact Galaxy Groups were compiled by Paul Hickson and published in his Atlas of Compact Groups of Galaxies in 1994. They represent the brightest groups visible to northern observers and this makes them ideal targets for amateur astronomers.


Messier List

The French astronomer Charles Messier was born in 1730 and became interested in astronomy in his teens and later became professional astronomer.  Between 1758 and 1782 he compiled a list of diffuse objects often mistake for comets.  In his day discovering a comet was a way to become famous.  Messier wanted to catalog these bright objects so they would not be mistaken for comets.  The Messier Catalog is a comprehensive list over over 100 deepsky objects popular with today’s amateur astronomers.   For this observing project log 50 or more of the Messier objects.