CVAS hosts events each month.  All events listed below are free and open to the public.

A.  Monthly meetings September through April at the Logan Public Library on the third Wednesday of each month

B.  Night Star parties where the public is invited to view the night sky in various telescopes.  Held on the Friday nearest  the  first quarter moon of each month from May through September at the Heritage Park in Nibley and/or Macey’s.

C.  Solar Parties.   The public is invited to safely view the Sun in Solar Telescopes.  We hold these events at the Logan Public Library on the Second Saturday of each month, May through September.

Coming CVAS Fall  EVENTS:

Some events are public and some events are club members only
Only Events in boldface are free and open to the public.

No Star Parties are scheduled

General Meeting December 12th
Bridgerland Technical College
7:00 pm
Room 824
1301 N 600 W
Logan Utah

Speaker: Dr. James Coburn, USU Professor of Physics 

Topic: Comets

Dr, Coburn’s topic on Comets corresponds to Comet 46P/Wirtanen.
On December 16th, the comet will pass only 12 million kilometers
from Earth and is expected to brighten to magnitude 3.
In December 46P will be on the border of Cetus and Eridanus,
by the end of the year it will have moved north to the
constellation Lynx.

Refer to this Sky and Telescope article for info and chart of track of Comet 46P:
Comet 46P/Wirtanen Approaches Earth

Free and Open to the Public