CVAS hosts events each month.  All events listed below are free and open to the public.

A.  Monthly meetings September through April at the Logan Public Library on the third Wednesday of each month

B.  Night Star parties where the public is invited to view the night sky in various telescopes.  Held on the Friday nearest  the  first quarter moon of each month from May through September at the Heritage Park in Nibley and/or Macey’s.

C.  Solar Parties.   The public is invited to safely view the Sun in Solar Telescopes.  We hold these events at the Logan Public Library on the Second Saturday of each month, May through September.

May  Events

May 23 2018
Room 840
BATC Campus
Enter East side of the building at 1301 North 600 West

Topic: Life on Other Planets: What are the Odds

Club Member Brad Kropp will discuss exoplanets and the possibility of life both primitive and advanced
on these distant planets.  Brad is a retired assistant professor of Biology at Utah State University.



May   23   Life on Other Planets Lecture by Club member Brad Kropp, BATC, Public Welcome
June  16   Annual Pot Luck Dinner
June  16   Solar Party Logan Library  10:30 am to Noon, Public Welcome
June  22  CVAS Star Party for Nibley Stake Cub Scouts
July   13  CVAS Club Star Party with Ogden Astronomical Society
July   14  Solar Party Logan Library  10:30 am to  Noon, Public Welcome
July   20  Public Star Party Heritage Park in Nibley, Public Welcome
Aug   10  CVAS star Party
Aug   11  CVAS Solar Party, Logan Library, Public Welcome 10:30 am to Noon
Aug   17  CVAS Public Star Party,  Macey’s in Providence, Parking Lot.


All Ages Welcome
Free and Open to the Public